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How to Find and Do Work You Love:

You have unlimited potential; potential is your ability to be whatever you want to be. The reason you have not realized your potential is you haven’t allowed yourself to explore all the possibilities. You have the ability to do and become anything you want, for it you need to tap into the limitless.

“Change you mindset change your destiny” Mo Khan

Explore to find your strengths and what makes you unique. You create value for others by recognizing your unique abilities. Your passion is what creates the distinction and delivers value. Being able to deliver value consistently is what makes you a success


Eric Schmidt chairman Google

Everyone needs a coach.

Coaching ensures the change takes root and flourishes

Possibility is limited by your imagination.

“Try not to become a man of success but a man of value” Albert Einstein

Business and Life Coaching

“I believe in you”, business and life coaching or more specifically executive coaching, group coaching, personal coaching all has one thing in common the individual.

Business coaching helps owners of small and medium sized businesses with their sales, marketing, management, team building and so much more.

A Life coach is an expert at change he helps people take responsibility for their lives and take action to maximize their potential.

Executive coaching helps root out the blind spots and improve your performance further.

Group coaching, sometimes called Action Learning, is designed as a reflective process guided by a coach to maximize the experience and wisdom of the group in order to achieve the organizational objectives.

What is coaching?

Coaching is an authentic relationship fueled by a goal driven agenda and a client centric approach. Most people who have discovered leadership coaching have come to realize that a demanding job requires taking control of their schedule and priorities. Change takes lot of energy but having a change expert in your corner allows you to stay focused and tackle bigger change at a faster pace.

Motivation is the catalyst for change not information. Being motivated to change is more important than knowing what to change.  You can get anyone to give you advice on what to change, but you need intrinsic motivation to bring about change.

If this were a military operation then the mission takes precedence over the man; in coaching the mission is the man.

The business and life coaching paradigm

You as the client supply the agenda, the goal and the action steps. The coach then supplies the knowledge and understanding of how change happens and the expertise to create an optimal environment for growth. Transformation is accomplished through experience and relationship not by information. The business and life coaching helps you draw on your own knowledge, life experience and ideas. Support and motivation are vital in bringing about successful change.

5 Reasons to hire a business and life coach

  1.  Bring about more radical and lasting change
  2. Expedite change and accomplish more
  3. Empower others and free up more of your time
  4. Magnify your impact by investing in efficient and effective leaders
  5. Get the tools to build deep relationships and have extraordinary conversations

(Oliver et. al. 1997, Stayer and Rossett, 1994) showed that an executive training program followed by coaching increased performance four and a half times as opposed to training alone. A  coaching program reduced the time new realtors  needed to get their  first listing  to one third of the industry average and their first months commissions were nearly 300% greater than those who went through the same training but did not have coaching follow-up. Leaders with business and life coaches get more done because we need support, encouragement and accountability to perform at maximum.

Dynamic Coaching

This generation requires leaders to lead by influence. Empowerment in the business world parallels and complements great leadership. Today’s leaders need potent tools to elevate others, to believe in their ability and to unleash them to pursue their destinies. That’s the power of Dynamic Coaching.

“Transformational Leaders  begin by being transformed”  Mo Khan